Messing with a southern girl

DEE-oh-nah: a child of the 80's, learning to live life as a thirty year old. She's warm, enthusiastic, passionate and very, very loud. Born and raised in the deep south and living with a southern drawl – though she did have a few wonderful years living in the far west. Her greatest love is God with family and art coming in second - art in any form to be clear. Her left brain does all of the ticking, it's where she gets her creativity and motivation. Although she is an extrovert there are occasions when she just likes to be alone with her thoughts – or a really good book! She is a photographer by talent, learning and profession. Her fur-babies are her only children and her husband is her second half.

Nom nom nom

He loves bath time!

Sometimes he gets a bath with daddy instead of mommie!

Those eyes.

His first time at the beach - on the 20th. Outside Meme and Grandpa’s new beach house!

Our precious angel 🙏😍❤️

Tuckered out